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Kayıt Tarihi: 14-Ekim-2023
Gönderilenler: 3
Gönderen: 14-Ekim-2023 Saat 05:53 | Kayıtlı IP Alıntı DonnaStella123

We take a closer look at Raheem Sterling's
EA FC 24
new Team of the Week card in FC 24.
Sterling's latest in-form card boasts an 85 overall
rating with notable stats across various attributes,
making him an enticing addition to any Ultimate Team

Versatility and Positioning

Sterling's card is marked by its versatility, as it
allows you to deploy him in several positions, such as
left wing, left-mid, right-wing, and striker. This
versatility is invaluable in FC 24, as it enables you to
adapt to different tactical situations during a match.
Whether you need a pacey winger or a clinical striker,
Sterling can fill those roles effectively.

Pace and Acceleration

One of the standout features of Sterling's card is his
exceptional pace. With an impressive 87 in the Pace
category, he can outrun many defenders. To maximize this
attribute, applying a Hunter Chemistry Style boosts his
acceleration to a blistering 99 and his sprint speed to
90. This turns Sterling into a genuine speedster, capable
of leaving defenders in the dust. The combination of high
acceleration and sprint speed makes him a nightmare for
any opponent trying to catch up with him.

Shooting Ability

In terms of shooting, Sterling's card is well-rounded.
His 82 shooting stat is complemented by a solid 91 in
attacking positioning, 83 in finishing, 82 in shot power,
and 82 in long shots. This allows him to be a clinical
finisher inside the box, making him a reliable goal-
scoring option. Applying a Hunter Chemistry Style further
enhances his finishing and positioning, making him a
significant goal threat.

Passing Skills

Sterling's passing abilities are decent, with a rating of
79. While this may not be his strongest suit, he
possesses 79 Vision, 80 Short Pass, and 70 Long Pass,
which are adequate for a winger or striker. His ability
to contribute to build-up play and create goal-scoring
opportunities is commendable.

Dribbling Prowess

Arguably, Sterling's standout feature is his dribbling.
With 87 dribbling, he can maneuver through tight spaces
with ease. Notably, he possesses 96 agility, 95 balance,
and a four-star skill move rating, which allows for a
wide array of skill moves to bypass defenders. When
combined with his quick and nimble style of play,
Sterling becomes a joy to control, especially in one-on-
one situations.

Physical Attributes

Sterling's physical stats are relatively modest, with a
rating of 70. He has 74 jumping, 80 stamina, 68 strength,
and 62 aggression. While he may not be the strongest
player on the pitch, his agility and balance compensate
for his physical limitations.

Play Styles

In FC 24, Sterling is equipped with two distinctive play
styles: "Rapid" and "Quick Step." These play styles
accentuate his explosive acceleration and quick movements
on the field. His Hunter Chemistry Style maximizes these
traits, turning him into a rapid and agile forward,
perfect for breaking through defensive lines.

Raheem Sterling's Team of the Week card in FC 24 offers a
fantastic blend of pace, dribbling, and goal-scoring
ability. With the right Chemistry Style, he can become a
dominant force in your squad, capable of wreaking havoc
on your opponents' defenses. Whether you need a versatile
winger or a lethal striker, Sterling has the attributes
to excel in both roles. With a price tag of around 90,000
coins, he represents a worthwhile addition to any Premier
League or hybrid squad. While the lack of red picks in FC
24 may disappoint some, acquiring Sterling through other
means is a smart move if you're looking for a game-
changing player in your team.

If you enjoy playing with smaller, skillful
buy FC
players who can turn the tide of a match,
Raheem Sterling's Team of the Week card should be on your
radar. Give this card a try, and you might just find him
to be the game-changer your Ultimate Team needs.
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