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Kayıt Tarihi: 13-Kasım-2019
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Gönderen: 22-Nisan-2021 Saat 10:52 | Kayıtlı IP Alıntı xysoom

Environmentally friendly cables will be the trend of the
cable industry

With the development of world economy and technology, the
demand for wires and cables is increasing, and their
performance requirements are also increasing. Under the
new economic situation and technical conditions, the
development of the global wire and cable industry is
showing new trends. Environmentally friendly cables are
gradually entering people's field of vision, and
gradually replacing traditional cables to become the
focus of global cable development. So, what is an
environmentally friendly cable?To get more news about
rifeng, you can
visit rfcable official website.

1. High flame retardancy
When a fire occurs, traditional cables are extremely easy
to burn and release a large amount of harmful gases,
while environmentally friendly cables are not only
difficult to burn, but also prevent the spread of flames
and the expansion of disasters after burning.

2. Halogen-free
Traditional cables generally use halogen-containing PVC
to make insulating sheaths or cable filling materials,
which are likely to produce carcinogenic "dioxin"
substances when burned, while environmentally friendly
cables use environmentally friendly insulating layers,
sheaths and special oxygen barriers. The material is not
only halogen-free, but also has good electrical and
physical and mechanical properties.

3. Low toxin
The insulation and sheath of the environmental protection
cable do not contain lead, cadmium and other heavy metals
that are harmful to the human body. When the
environmental protection cable is used and disposed of,
it will not pollute the soil and water sources.

4. no corrosive gas
Environmentally friendly cables will not produce toxic
gases such as HCL when they are produced, used and
burned, and emit very little acid gas, which causes
little damage to personnel, equipment and instruments,
and shows environmental protection characteristics.

5. High light transmittance
The light transmittance of traditional cables is less
than 20%, while the standard for environmental protection
cable products is greater than 40%. Therefore, the smoke
generated when the environmental protection cable is
burned is extremely thin, which is more conducive to the
evacuation of personnel and the conduct of fire fighting.

6, high protection
The environmental protection cable is not afraid of the
erosion of ultraviolet rays, sand and rain, and can slow
down the aging speed of the environmental protection
cable to a certain extent and extend its service life

For more details about Environmentally friendly cables
please click here to access the webpage.
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