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Kayıt Tarihi: 13-Kasım-2019
Gönderilenler: 495
Gönderen: 22-Nisan-2021 Saat 06:45 | Kayıtlı IP Alıntı xysoom

WoW Classic Rare & Expensive Items

On August 26, 2019, Blizzard Entertainment released World
of Warcraft Classic, recreating the first expansion, The
Burning Crusade released in 2006, and retaining almost
all the gameplay mechanics of the original version. After
that, World of Warcraft Classic became one of the most
popular versions of WOW series, and attracted a large
number of players to log into the servers in a short
time. By now, WoW Classic has kept live for several
months, it seems that everything keeps going regularly.To
get more news about
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Not just WoW Classic, almost all games involve thousands
of items, including Weapons, Armor, Containers, Keys, and
more. This is the database while playing, but it is hard
to get whatever you want in WoW Classic, especially some
rare and expensive ones. We took stock of some of them
and provided ways to get them.It is one of the best BoE
Spell Caster Weapons available currently in WoW Classic
priced 500-2,000 Gold, which grants a chance on hit to
make your next Spell Cast instant. As one of the
thousands of Epic items, its loot chance is very low, as
it drops mostly from mobs with levels between 59-62,
commonly in Scholomance, Stratholme, Blackrock Spire,
Molten Core, as well as high-end Raids.

Another method to get it is to roll for it with other
party members, but the change of getting it when it drops
is extremely small, which causes it to have such high
market value.It is an Epic Trinket priced 250-350 Gold,
which is part of the Epic Priest Staff Quest called
Balance of Light and Shadow.

Before Patch 1.5, the loot chance was very low, but now
the Eye of Shadow has a 100% drop chance from Lord
Kazzak, which provides players with more opportunity to
get the Eye. Surely, this is still a rare item, because
Kazzak couldn’t be defeated by everyone. Kazzak is a
world Boss who resides in the Tainted Scar part of the
Blasted Lands area, so defeating him requires at least a
30-man group.This is the most expensive of these items,
which is able to sell on the Auction House for around 2,
000-4,000 Gold. As one of the epic swords, it can deal
with 4,727 normal damage per second and additional fire
damage, making it one of the most sought-after items in
WoW Classic.

Since the loot chance of Teebu’s Blazing Longsword is
random, no one can predict that it can drop from which
one boss, but according to the past, it is more likely to
be discovered in the Silithus Zone
This is one of the most overpriced Daggers in WoW
Classic, in most cases, it can cause more than 45 DPS and
addition Fire Resistance, and it has its attack speed at
1.30 which is among the fastest in the game, it’s hard
to discover such a fast dagger anymore, making it the
most popular weapons among the Rogues.

The Alcor’s Sunrazor might drop from Molten Core’s
Elites, Scarlet High Clerist, a level 60 Elite Mage,
which can be found in the northern part of Western
Plaguelands. What’s more, it also drops from Colossus
Bosses in Ahn’Qiraj’s Event.
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