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Konu Konu: Is WoW Worth Playing In 2021 Yanıt YazYeni Konu Gönder
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Kayıt Tarihi: 13-Kasım-2019
Gönderilenler: 495
Gönderen: 22-Nisan-2021 Saat 06:31 | Kayıtlı IP Alıntı xysoom

Is WoW Worth Playing In 2021

Is World of Warcraft worth playing in 2021? Blizzard's
long-running MMORPG has certainly gotten up there in age,
but the developer's constant commitment to make changes
to improve the game's overall experience has rendered it
in an enviable place in 2021. In fact, the MMORPG may
never have been better - and, considering the last
several years for context, it's definitely possible that
Shadowlands is at least the game's best showing in its
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Answering whether or not World of Warcraft is worth
playing can be difficult since the answer varies so
dramatically based on what players want. With that said,
those looking for hyper-specific, niche benefits to
playing may not always find what they're looking for,
even if the general consensus surrounding the game is
positive. There were plenty of people who liked Warlords
of Draenor after all, despite that expansion's less-than-
stellar reputation within the game's larger community.
Ignoring the fact that there will inevitably be no
unified opinion, however, the question of "is World of
Warcraft worth playing in 2021?" can be broken down into
two separate responses: one detailing whether new players
will enjoy it, and one discussing the experience of
veterans returning to Shadowlands after some time away
from the game.
Luckily, the answer to both those questions is a
resounding yes, albeit for different reasons. World of
Warcraft: Shadowlands reviews are positive, player
engagement is strong, and the world of Azeroth is
thriving. Here's why WoW is worth playing in 2021,
regardless of a player's previous involvement with the

For new players, "is WoW worth playing in 2021?" boils
down into "how hard is it to get into World of Warcraft
in 2021?" The answer to that question has been "not very"
for some time now, as Blizzard consistently worked to
make its MMORPG more accessible to newer players.
However, the massive overhauls that came with Shadowlands
has set a high bar for the new player experience in WoW,
and 2021 is arguably the best time for new players to
start in Azeroth since the game's very early days.

The Shadowlands release brought with it a completely
revamped leveling system that makes World of Warcraft
progression feel smoother and more meaningful. Blizzard
reduced the inflated level cap to a much more reasonable
60, condensing the scattered abilities, talents, and
upgrades into a much tighter path of progression for a
player character. The result is each level earned feeling
like a meaningful addition to a larger experience, and
the game's introductory levels have also streamlined
introducing MMORPG mechanics, making what was once a
daunting experience a much more digestible endeavor.
Finally - and perhaps most importantly - Shadowlands
leveling also fixed the game's story. World of Warcraft
progression pre-Shadowlands wasn't necessarily a mess,
but the result of years' worth of expansions being
stacked on top of each other with tweaks that only
directly considered whichever one was most recent was an
uneven narrative. Players progressed through cool
environments way too rapidly, often departing stories
mid-way through because they'd out-leveled the adventure.
Part of the reason World of Warcraft has been so
successful over the years is the way it marries its
storyline concerns to the way players progress to its
endgame, and emotional investment in characters like
Thrall and Jaina is hard to build when they're jumping in
and out of the player's personal character arc at
seemingly random times.
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