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For special children suitable arrangements must be made in the classroom to make the study environment more effective and better for learning. The teacher should be able to identify learning difficulty in the special children using diagnostic assessments and make changes accordingly. Also Wes Martin Color Rush Jersey , special educator must use strategies that assist individual child in learning and further help in choosing particular learning style.

Arrangement in classroom for special children

* Desks must be arranged in a manner that each child gets his own personal space.

* In the beginning no sharing or grouping should be encouraged till the child is comfortable.

* Teacher鈥檚 desk should be placed at the opposite end of the classroom from where students can be monitored easily.

* Some part of the room should be filled with educational things such as puzzles, books with pictures etc, where child can spend some time for self- learning.

Create a suitable environment

* Safe and barrier-free environment must be created. Things that are not required must be removed such as objects cluttered on the floor, desks, equipment Bryce Love Color Rush Jersey , architectural barriers, etc.

* Comfortable and attractive furniture in the classroom should be placed so that the environment is positive and enjoyable.

Reduce distractions

* Students must be seated in the area free from distractions. All the visual distractions in the classroom should be minimized.

* Special children are highly sensitive to light and noise. Proper arrangement of light, noise level, ventilation must be there in the classroom for effective learning as they get irritated easily.

Disciplining behavior

* Develop a system that alerts student and heshe comes to know that his behavior is not appropriate.

* Such behavior intervention plan must be developed which is realistic and achievable.

* Provide instant feedback and reinforcement.

* Avoid disagreement and control struggles.

* Teacher must work on recognizing academic and behavioral goals of the child. Then, must identify strategies for achieving it.

* Rewards must be given for appropriate behavior to encourage the child.

Teach to self-monitor

* Slowly but steadily children with special needs must be taught to monitor themselves and evaluate their own behavior. With time they do it without teacher constant feedback.

* Further with time Terry McLaurin Color Rush Jersey , teacher involvement is reduced and student begins self-monitoring. In the process teacher must ignore inappropriate behavior which unintentional.

Adapting the classroom environment is not difficult for special children. They might take some time but it does involve careful planning.

Pooja Sharma - About Author:
Sparsh is best ngo in delhi which aims empower underprivileged with the necessary skills and education to manage life on their own. Sparsh is also conducting various ngo activities like 'Savera Special School', Project Shakti鈥? Masti Ki Pathshala Employment To Persons With Disability, The Being Training, Make A Difference etc.

Corporate office:
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New Delhi 110 024
Mobile : 7838654060

Creativity measurement is often required in order to benchmark existing competencies, monitor improvement, increase output and generally provide tangible and useable processes and structures for clients.

Individuals can measure their own creativity, the creativity levels of their group, department or organisation.

However Dwayne Haskins Color Rush Jersey , a fundamental lack of understanding of creativity and innovation seems to make this a difficult task for many.

First, we need to define the difference between creativity and innovation. Creativity can be defined as problem identification and idea generation whilst innovation can be defined as idea selection, development and commercialisation. This reveals at least two issues:

a) Creative measurement requires isolation of problems and ideas.

b) Innovation measurement requires isolation of idea selection, development and commercialisation processes.

The above means that creativity can be measured without the production of a final, commercially successful product or service. We can simply measure how good an organization is at identifying problems and generating ideas. If an organization scores relatively high at this stage (and is not producing adequate commercial output) Landon Collins Color Rush Jersey , we can then look deeply at their innovation processes.

Second, we need a measurement system. A very simple and often used quantitative system is to list criteria and rate them on a scale. A rating before and after, say, a training session or activity, will indicate tangible levels of change.

Third Black Preston Smith Jersey , we need to discern the criteria we will measure.

There are in fact a number of definitions of creativity. One of the most useful is that it is:

a) The production of a quantity of ideas.

b) The production of a number of diverse ideas.

c) The production of a number of novel ideas.

Using all of the above, we can begin constructing a quantitative sheet that lists:

a) Problem identification

b) Generation of a number of ideas

c) Generation of a number of diverse ideas

d) Generation of a number of novel ideas.

For each criterion above, we can grade, for example, from 1 to 10 Black Brandon Scherff Jersey , before and after a training session. We can also grade before and after an activity or an idea generating technique (lateral thinking, association, linking etc), in order to gauge the exact value of each tool.

All of the above is, in fact Black Montae Nicholson Jersey , not rocket science.

Going a bit deeper.

Each of the above criteria can be extrapolated to draw out the analysis (number of different perspectives used to analyse problem, number of dominant ideas basing the problem etc).

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