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Konu Konu: lked in the forest, a Yanıt YazYeni Konu Gönder
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Kayıt Tarihi: 14-Haziran-2018
Gönderilenler: 82
Gönderen: 18-Mayıs-2020 Saat 11:39 | Kayıtlı IP Alıntı ylq123

ood boy, but I had a strange feeling in my heart. In the
800-word composition, someone once asked me: "Is your
mother good to you?" I will answer him with a smile: "My
mother is very good to me! "Others ask why? I would say it
can be seen from my mother's eyes. My majestic eyes were
once, when my mother and I went to a friend's house of my
mother, and along the way my mother told me to say," When
you come to the aunt's house, you must say Be polite, call
someone, have you heard? "I said impatiently:" Mom, you
know, my ears have calluses! "At this time, I saw a bit of
majesty and her dissatisfaction with me from my mother's
eyes, and then quickly closed my mouth. Then my mother
criticized me. The kind words and words were silently
written for a hundred points, and I hurriedly I told my
mother the news. My mother couldn't help but talked up, and
then my mother said to me with a serious heart: "Although
you have achieved good results, you must remember that
people should not be arrogant. "From my mother's eyes, I
can see the kindness that my mother usually has. I have
deeply remembered what my mother said to me. My mother's
eyes are ever-changing. I made it clear to you, but I still
love my mother deeply. When I think of Teacher Zhang with
800 words of composition, I think of those big and bright
eyes behind the lens <a
href="">Marlboro Red</a>. A wise light.
The teacher ��s gaze seems to speak. Every time she looks
at her, she always feels that she is communicating with me,
giving me confidence, giving me courage, and giving me
strength. Once in a Chinese class, Teacher Zhang is
painting vividly During the lecture, the students listened
with interest, but I chatted with the same table. Teacher
Zhang heard it, stopped the lecture, and the classroom was
silent. I looked uncomfortably at the podium and saw that
Teacher Zhang was watching with reproach. I seem to be
saying to me: "A class leader should take the lead, how can
I chat in class? "Looking at Teacher Zhang's harsh gaze, I
felt a hot face, as if slapped, and lowered my head
involuntarily. When Teacher Zhang's audible voice re-
sounded in the classroom, I secretly raised my head to
welcome Come to Teacher Zhang's trusted eyes, as if to say:
"It's good to change if you know the wrong! "Since then, I
have never dared to violate classroom discipline. Teacher
Zhang ��s gaze not only made me correct the shortcomings,
but also made me build confidence. I remember one time,
Teacher Zhang asked me to participate in the recitation
contest, when I stood on the stage, I was so nervous that
my feet were trembling. At this time, I saw Teacher Zhang
under the stage looking at me with encouragement, as if
cheering me up: "You must cheer! The teacher believes in
you! "Looking at Teacher Zhang's encouraging eyes, my heart
slowly calmed down. I recite with emotion and received
unanimous praise from the judges and won the first place in
the competition. I feel the joy of success. I am excited
Looking for Teacher Zhang, and seeing Teacher Zhang cast me
an admiring glance, it seemed to tell me: "To achieve some
achievements, we must continue to work hard and not be
proud! "Mr. Zhang's eyes are strict and loving. The
students inserted wings of hope under the mother-like eyes
of Mr. Zhang and flew to the ideal blue sky. I have met my
father for 800 words with my father for more than three
years. What I ca n��t forget most is his gaze. In the
spring of that year, my father went out to work with
longing for his livelihood and future. I did n��t see it
for a month. When I saw you again, my father brought back a
lot of books. I saw all the way back. Dad ��s father and
dad looked a bit strange. When I saw my mom and me on the
other side of the sky, my dad ��s eyes became blurred,
and our tears slipped quietly down the cheek. After
returning home, my father bought food and mopped the floor,
and the house rang Mom's laughter. At this time, the fat
dad squinted and quietly enjoyed my pat. From time to time,
the afterglow of the eyes fell on her mother, always
attracting her mother's scornful words. These days, at home
It's fun, half for me, half for reunion. When I was in
school, my father was so busy, he had decided not to send
me, told me to go, he told me to be careful, very careful.
But he finally Rest assured, hesitated for a while. In
fact, I was in the third grade, and it did n��t matter if
I went to school. He finally decided to take me by himself.
We crossed the street and got to the street. My father
stopped and walked into the shop Helped me to buy some
pens, notebooks, and a cup of pearl milk tea! I secretly
laughed at him well, my mother would never allow me to buy
snacks outside; my father looked at me with a big mouthful,
and the kind eyes gave me a little Sorry. When I arrived at
the school, I said, "Daddy, come back <a
href="">Carton Of Cigarettes</a>.
He looked at the campus and said, "I'll go and see your
classroom." "Going into the classroom, my father raised his
eyes, and his eyes fell on the blackboard at the back of
the classroom. After a while, the corners of his mouth were
slightly raised, and the crow's feet in the corners of the
eyes became more obvious <a
href="">Cigarettes For Sale</a>. The
two women would smile with heart. It turned out that the
newspaper had my composition and it was my blackboard
writing. In the past few years, my father had gone around
and went out to make a living. My mother took care of me,
and I missed my father. The most tired thing was my mother.
Having a good study and reducing my mother ��s worries
can be considered a help to the family. After Dad traveled
far away, he wrote to me, and the letter said, ��I ��m
in good health. Dad invites you to take care of my mother
and be my baby ��s padded jacket. �� "I read here, and
in the crystal clear eyes, I saw the twinkling tears, the
eyes behind the deep myopia glasses, alas! I don't know
when I can see him again!<br/>Related articles:<br/> <a
<br/> <a href="

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