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Brad Yates - What Can We Learn From His Teachings? Self Help Articles | September 26 Womens Tytus Howard Jersey , 2010

I personally stumbled across his stuff a couple years ago and took some valuable lessons from them.Lesson #1: How you feel about a goal or subject is what you attractOne of the crucial aspects that ...

I personally stumbled across his stuff a couple years ago and took some valuable lessons from them.

Lesson #1: How you feel about a goal or subject is what you attract

One of the crucial aspects that Brad teaches is that what you're feeling is a direct connection to what you're attracting. So for example, if you feel negative or doubtful towards money, you'll attract more poverty.

This is also taught by many other teachers of the law of attraction such as Abraham-Hicks, Bob Proctor and Carol Look to name a few.

In my experience this lesson holds true. I find that if I'm feeling great about money (to continue that example) I'm:

* More motivated to take action;

* Have money more ideas that excite me and;

* Am more open to opportunity around me.

To summarize, I get a feeling of limitlessness in relation to my goal or area that I'm working on.

Lesson #2: We can use EFT to control how we feel about any goal or subject

The major tool that Brad teaches in order to control how you feel about your goal or area that you're working on is EFT. EFT has been clinically proven by a whole bunch of peer reviewed studies.

In my experience it works like a charm to eliminate the negative charge from thoughts and beliefs. It also works great for installing positive emotions in terms of thoughts and beliefs. To learn more about EFT you can do a search on http:youtube.

Another cool tip that I learnt from studying Brad Yates is the way he alters the reminder phrase when tapping on the various points. If you're not familiar with what I'm referring to Womens Deshaun Watson Jersey , it's simply the phrase you repeat while doing the EFT procedure.

Varying what you repeat while tapping on the various points allows you to target far more aspects all at once. Granted, some will be more stubborn than others. In that case, simply do a dedicated round of tapping on the stubborn aspect.

I also picked up the tip of being able to tap in positive thoughts and choices. Traditionally, EFT has been used to remove the negative charge around thoughts and beliefs. However, it's also extremely effective at installing positive thoughts and ideas.

You can do this by altering the setup phrase to include a positive choice Womens Justin Reid Jersey , then tapping while repeating the positive choice.

An example could be: "Even though I'm struggling to find the money to pay for my next mortgage payment, and I'm really stressed about it, I choose to feel optimistic about my ability to earn some extra cash and make the payment in time." The reminder phrase would be: "optimistic about my ability to earn extra case and make the payment".

It's a bit of a negative example, but hey, it works!

I hope this article shed some light on the lessons that can be learnt from studying the teachings of Brad Yates.

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