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Kayıt Tarihi: 14-Mayıs-2019
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Does your utility bill leave you in tears? Does your family walk around wearing all their clothes so you can avoid cranking up the heater and wiping out your bank account? Those beautiful windows are killing you.

Hate Paying Taxes?

Do you hate paying taxes? Everyone does. At least you only have to do it once a year. If you don't take steps to improve your energy use Cheap Cameron Payne Jersey , however, you are paying the utility company an energy waster tax every month and every year. I bet you never thought of it that way before. Fortunately, you don't need an accountant to eliminate this tax.

To terminate your energy waster tax, you need to understand the areas where you are probably wasting energy. Here is the biggest offender.

Windows are necessary items in a home. Can you imagine a home without them? Of course not. Still, that beautiful view to the world outside comes with a heavy price. Windows are the single biggest area where heating or cooling efforts are wasted. Because windows open and close Cheap Justin Holiday Jersey , they almost always develop leaks where your hard earned money escapes in the form of heat transfer. If you do nothing else after reading this article, take a close look at your windows. Making them air tight could save you as much as forty percent on your utility bill.

Even if your windows are not leaking, you still have a problem. As people living in cold climates can attest, most installed window are horrific burdens on heating efforts. These year around windows tend to be thin and are not designed for specific conditions. Put in simple terms, heat moves through them like beads at Mardi Gras. If you don't believe me Cheap Bobby Portis Jersey , go stand next to one of your windows on a winter day. It gets a bit chilly, eh?

To overcome your inferior window problem, you have two options. The first is to install windows designed to hold in hot air during winter. This will save you a ton of money, but you have to change them twice a year, installation and removal. If your lazy like me Cheap Jerian Grant Jersey , a second option is to go with Energy Star windows.

Energy Star is a government program designed to encourage manufacturers to build better stuff for your home. If a product has an energy star sticker, it means it is going to save you cash on your utility bill. Since windows are problematic, the government has focused on them and you can now buy Energy Star windows at all home improvement stores. Note that I didn't name an improvement store, but am willing to amend this article for a significant sponsorship fee!

While I wait for Home Depot or Lowes to call, go take a look at your windows. If you concentrate really hard Cheap Dennis Rodman Jersey , you can see dollar bills floating through them.

Pasta, Piazzas and Pizza: Rome is a Digestive Delight Published: 18.10.2008 | Author: icampbell | Category: Destinations, Travel & Leisure

One of the best ways to make sure you get the most edible enjoyment out of your trip is to pair up the big sights with the local Italian markets. One of the best piazzas to visit in Rome is the Piazza Navona. Originally a competition arena, it now plays host to some exquisite architecture and sculptures. Piazza Navona is also surrounded by tourist-filled restaurants that spill out onto the square. 

If you are on your way to visit the Vatican City, the Trionfale market is a handy and inexpensive place to grab a bite to eat en route. The authentic Italian cuisine and great local atmosphere in these markets make them a much more authentic local experience than sitting in one of the tourist restaurants across the city.


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