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Using Modern Design Lighting to Update Your Space
Posted On : Jan-12-2012 | seen (70) times | Article Word
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Read this article to learn all about using modern design
lighting. Tired of your dull and depressing space? Then
revamp it with modern luminaries. Modern lighting
fixtures are a great way to introduce fresh design
elements in your home without spending heaps of cash for

A space is just that and that is how it is likely to be
in the next decade or so unless you make major
renovations. But if you don鈥檛 have the money to spare
for a renovation
voracek-jersey/">Jakub Voracek Czech Republic Jersey
, does it mean you are stuck with your old and
predictable space? It is fortunate that our eyes can be
tricked. By choosing the right lighting fixture and
furniture placement, you can easily transform the looks
and atmosphere of your space without breaking the bank.
Getting the right mix of dim and bright light makes rooms
seem larger and more comfortable.

How to Make Lighting Fixtures Work for You

One of the most common mistakes homeowners do is settle
for the home they moved into as is. Most people are
contented with what they see and don鈥檛 even bother
changing wall colors. Staying with your boring overhead
luminaries will not do anything to enhance your home
interiors let alone make you feel comfortable in it. If
you mix in a few lamps and nice shades in your space,
that same overhead luminaries can do wonders for you.
Alternatively, you can eliminate that lighting fixture
and replace it with a lighting fixture that has dimmers.
Fixtures with dimmers are ideal because they allow
variety of light intensity. You never have to settle for
single lighting set up. These fixtures are suited for
those who are not well-versed in dealing with electrical

Resisting the Urge to Settle for Less

If you move into a new place and see that you can do a
lot of things to it
sobotka-jersey/">Vladimir Sobotka Czech Republic
, seize the moment. Transform it into your
dream home or apartment. Don鈥檛 let the stress and work
that comes in moving push you into accepting the space
just as you saw it. You can make impeccable changes in
your space without spending a lot of time and money.
Start by installing modern lighting fixtures. Modern
luminaries can inspire you to design your space. You will
find that it is easier to pick furnishings and
decorations when you get your modern lighting fixtures in
place. You will never have to be content of the old set-
up of your home.

Transforming your space into something you have always
dreamed of is not lavish. There is absolutely nothing
with making the most of what you have. After all, it is
your home and you certainly want it to be attractive and

In a nutshell, you don鈥檛 need a lot of cash and effort
to change the appearance of your space. All you really
need are modern lighting design ideas. Get inspirations
from interior design magazines, websites and books. With
the right fixtures and techniques
plekanec-jersey/">Tomas Plekanec Czech Republic
, you can turn any space into a fortress
just like a pro.

There has been a lot written about branding, but I
thought I'd take a fresh look at the subject and ask the
simple question, ?Why are buyers attracted to brand

Five basic reasons come to mind:

(1) Brands imply safety. If a name is recognizable, it
doesn't sound experimental. For example
pastrnak-jersey/">David Pastrnak Czech Republic
, which firm would you trust to provide a
drug for your rare medical condition, Goodman
Pharmaceuticals or Abbott Laboratories?

(2) Brands imply widespread distribution and acceptance.
Lots of people have purchased, and lived to tell about

(3) Brands command higher prices, and profits
palat-jersey/">Ondrej Palat Czech Republic Jersey ,
because we expect their costs to be higher, especially
those invested in quality control.

(4) Brands, of course, imply distinctiveness. Bayer
Aspirin may contain exactly the same ingredients as a
michalek-jersey/">Milan Michalek Czech Republic
, but at least unconsciously, we sense there
must be something extra or special in the recipe.

(5) Brands seem big and successful, and most people want
to identify with this. It lends them a feeling of

I'll never forget when I was bidding on a large
consulting contract against a division of Xerox, which
was known at the time for excellence in sales training. I
lost out to this company
krejci-jersey/">David Krejci Czech Republic Jersey ,
partly because their rep asked our prospect ?What would
happen if Gary gets your business and is then hit by a

Actually, unknown to the buyer, this is an insurable
risk. Moreover, and this is one of the ironies you come
to relish in business
jaskin-jersey/">Dmitrij Jaskin Czech Republic Jersey
, the division of Xerox that I was bidding against 'died?
before I did?it was sold off.

Not only that, but Xerox went on to invest a ton in MY
sales training, shortly thereafter.

Still, the prospect I didn't sell
hertl-jersey/">Tomas Hertl Czech Republic Jersey ,
took the 'safe? route, and went with the bigger name at
the time, demonstrating the power of branding.

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