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Konu Konu: Xinghua and Chunyu Yanıt YazYeni Konu Gönder
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Kayıt Tarihi: 14-Haziran-2018
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Gönderen: 14-Ocak-2020 Saat 10:00 | Kayıtlı IP Alıntı ylq123

Xinghua and Chunyu are like a pair of lovers. Because they
have a long wait, they have a date this spring. The spring
rain is bitter and the apricot flowers are thin. The two
met in the early spring, letting people know how difficult
it is to be in love for a long time. Since ancient times,
every apricot flower is inseparable from the spring rain,
and every drop of spring rain is looking for the apricot
flower that you know. Fortunately, after the severe winter
and cold apricot blossoms
Carton Of
, we can still wait for the spring rain to
fall from the sky, wait for the lover we know, and then
open up shyly and hold back. Let us see the intimacy
between spring rain and apricot blossom, which may be the
power of love Exist in one way in nature. Xinghua is a
simple and industrious rural woman. She is young and bright
as a young girl with buds waiting to be released. She is
like a young girl who knows nothing about the world and
looks at the world with a pair of curious eyes
. Only then can a red apricot come out of the
wall. Good sentence. But the apricot flower's simple nature
is there. When spring rain begins to bloom, it is like a
married bride. The pink toot is absolutely beautiful. As
the day goes by, its color changes from pink to pink,
gradually becoming like Washed white. That was a woman who
was about to become a mother, and an ordinary woman who
worked hard and thrift. After the birth of Xinghua and
Chunyu's child, Qingxing, was born, Xinghua completed her
replacement and quietly retreated. As a father, Chunyu had
to work hard to care for the child's growth. After the
sorrow of Qingming and the confusion of the Meiyu season,
Chunyu gradually matured. When the child grew up, Chunyu
had become a real man, and that was Xia Yu. It is like a
tireless labor, more like a migrant worker who has left his
hometown. For the happiness of his family, he works hard in
a foreign country in summer, is lonely in another country
in autumn, and encounters obstacles on his way back in
winter. But the home is there, apricot flower is still
waiting for it. As long as the spring breeze blows and the
spring rain falls on the branches of the apricot tree, it
will be a happy scene of the family. "Small building
listened to spring rain all night, and Shenxiang sold
apricot flowers in the Ming dynasty." Mr. Lu You's poems
were sad. Although Chunyu and Xinghua were in love, they
were still full of sadness. It is not the sad spring rain
that is sad, but the apricot flower that is being sold.
Reading this poem is like seeing people in a long
millennium of history who do n��t have enough food and
tattered clothes to sell their children or wives. This
scene has happened in real life, and there are not a few
written records. Fortunately, I have never seen anyone
selling apricot flowers. Who is willing to sell such
beautiful apricot flowers? I wish Chunyu and Xinghua's life
as happy as I wish. However, Yu Ji, one of the four major
poets of the Yuan Dynasty, wrote the famous sentence
"Return to Mr. Bao, Xinghua Spring Rain Jiangnan", which
makes people feel that Chunyu and Xinghua have a beautiful
heart and a happy life. There is a saying, "One flower, one
world". Flowers also have their own joy
, sorrow, joy, and happiness. Xinghua and
Chunyu are not confined to Jiangnan. Their happiness is in
everyone's heart. In the season of love, let me support
them with an oil-paper umbrella and protect their loyal

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