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Kayıt Tarihi: 14-Haziran-2018
Gönderilenler: 84
Gönderen: 14-Ocak-2020 Saat 10:00 | Kayıtlı IP Alıntı ylq123

I like to look into the distance on a winter day. It is
best to stay high and look away from my hometown. Only in
winter can the vision be so broad and fall in the direction
of heart to a distant hometown. The countryside in winter
looks like a poetic ink painting. Orange, red, orange and
green have all ended, and the rich countryside has lost
weight, and has become a simple and indifferent ink
painting. The infinite sky, the open land, the undulating
hills, the scattered houses, everything is a dark outline,
black, white, and gray, forming a full-fledged picture. At
this time, the village is like a sleeping beast, which
makes people unbearable to disturb its dreams. Several
large poplar trees at the entrance to the village have long
lost their leaves. They stand upright and stand proudly
against the cold wind in winter. I don't know how many
years these big trees have taken root in the village, and
even the oldest elders in the village can't remember when
the tree was planted. Like the patron saint of the village,
they stood at the entrance of the village, watched you go,
and welcomed the return of people. In winter, they only
have a dead branch
, lonely and strong, always facing the same
direction, as if looking at some rural houses scattered,
like a large rice paper, staining the smoke of the village
four Wujia has an extravagant and peaceful taste. The house
is much quieter, and the sound of chickens and dogs will
also be heard, but it is no longer so noisy. I know how
warm the house will be in the winter. It was freezing cold,
and although the house was simple, it was extremely warm,
like a warm and strong nest, which brought us endless
warmth Marlboro
. This warmth, long-lasting, is the nostalgia
of our lives. The fields were empty, and all the creatures
hid in winter dreams
online_c4">Marlboro Gold. The open field, a little sad
and lonely, seems to be waiting for something. The land
presents unprecedented silence and distant space. A faint
ink painting spreads like this, and stretches to an
infinite distance. It makes people feel that the world is
huge, and it seems that people are small. It is small
enough to have a small home. Satisfied. In the evening, a
round of sunset hangs on the branches. The winter sun is
not dazzling at all. The sun is like a warm and long,
converging and shining, becoming extremely loving. If you
like, you can also look at this orange sunset for a while
and feel its restraint and tenderness. Occasionally, some
birds who were not afraid of the cold flew around in the
village. They barked and made noises, which gave this ink
painting a little aura. In the winter leisure time,
people's footsteps have also slowed down a lot. Only then
is the village at ease. It would be even better if there
was a snow. The countryside after the snow is really
beautiful. The fields, roofs and branches are covered with
snow everywhere. At this time, the composition of the
village was more concise, and the use of ink was more
frugal. Everything was faint, shallow, and as light as a
dream. The ink and wash village is more poetic. My ink and
wash village stretches in memory, long and quiet, beautiful
and affectionate.
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