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Kayıt Tarihi: 14-Mayıs-2019
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We are bombarded daily with overwhelming amounts of traumatizing information. A study by George Washington University monitored the evening national news for 100 nights. The researchers found 6,500 negative news items and only 370 positive news items.

What this may mean is that we are grossly over-informed about catastrophes we can do little or nothing about.

We get so overwhelmed by things we can do little about that a sort of "psychic numbness" sets in.

Here's how it happens:

In his book "Lifetime Guarantee," Stu Gilhelm uses a great metaphor. Picture a meter that runs from zero to 10. Gilhelm calls this our feeling meter. Under normal circumstances, the meter rests on zero.

As we respond to different We get so overwhelmed by things we can do little about that a sort of ` psychic numbness" sets 111. events in our lives, the meter moves upward toward 10 and then comes to rest again. When we are exposed to an overwhelming amount of stimuli, the meter goes up but never gets a chance to come back down again.

We get used to the feeling Miles Boykin Ravens Jersey , and a level of five or six becomes the normal resting place instead of zero. And we begin to believe we are helpless in the face of these overwhelming events. Helplessness leads to nervousness, anxiety and isolation.

Let's take a look at some of the symptoms of this stress and trauma and then some of the actions we can take to deal with it effectively.

Symptoms of post-modern PTSD

? A sense of helplessness

? "psychic numbness"

? A feeling of isolation

? Not being able to take action, feeling impotent

? Recurring thoughts and images of traumatic events

Actions to take

? Live in strong community with others. Robert Fulghum, in "Everything I Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten," suggests "when you go out into the world, hold hands."

Scott Peck Jaylon Ferguson Ravens Jersey , in his book "A Different Drum" stresses the need for community. I'd be willing to bet that half of the people reading this column don't know the names of their neighbors next door or across the street. If that's true for you, go find out.

? For one week, don't listen to the TV news. See how that can change your stress level and perspective.

? Do something, anything, that positively affects the world immediately around you.

Arrogance has a bad rap. We think of arrogant people as unpleasant to be around, full of themselves Marquise Brown Ravens Jersey , and incapable of taking an interest in anyone else. However, when applied to one's own writing, a certain measure of well-placed arrogance can be a useful tool.

Writing can be a scary enterprise. The writer puts herself out for public scrutiny in a way most other artists and professionals do not. When the writer publishes, she commits herself to the words she's written for the rest of her life. Even if she changes her mind about what she's said, others may still react to the piece decades after it first appears in print. This can make even the act of putting pen to paper (or more likely, fingers to keyboard) an anxiety-producing ordeal.

Then there is the schooling most of us received Mark Andrews Ravens Jersey , which treated writing as a chore rewarded when well done or punished when poorly done, as opposed to a pleasurable activity for ourselves and our readers. Very few of us had any audience for any the writing we did in classrooms, other than the teachers who instructed, criticized and graded us. It's no wonder most writers suffer from self-doubt rather than overconfidence. We tend to underestimate ourselves and our words, even when they come from the most powerful places inside us, even when we get accolades from the outside world Lamar Jackson Ravens Jersey , and even long after we finally get published.

Practicing selective arrogance can help disarm these nasty doubts. And, not to worry: If you are not arrogant to begin with, practicing the type of arrogance I suggest will not transform you into an insufferable braggart. Rather, it will help uplift you from the gutters of self-doubt onto the clean, dry road to getting published. Even if you do not feel in the least arrogant about your writing, you can still follow my simple instructions to act as if you do Hayden Hurst Ravens Jersey , with the same results: to get published, or to get published again.

Selective arrogance does not mean thinking of yourself as any better than anyone else, or as having reached the pinnacle of your skills. Rather, it means treating every word you write as a precious baby worthy of the greatest care and nurturance. Here's how to do that:

Never, ever throw anything away, period.

Carry with you at all times a means to record your creative thoughts.

Record your creative bursts Justin Tucker Ravens Jersey , even if other voices inside you are dismissing them with negative judgments.

Trust your impulses and passions: if you feel drawn to write about something, write about it!

Eschew impatience-give your babies the time they need to gestate.

If you've read between the lines, you see that these instructions have you do nothing more than treat yourself and your writing with respect. However, because many people have a hard time doing even that, I counsel my clients to behave arrogantly. It gets them giggling and releasing the feelings they have about their writing, and makes it easier to find that respect.

Although you may have read elsewhere to be prepared to throw away your first writing attempts Trace McSorley Youth Jersey , to release attachment to your early work and the like, nuggets of wisdom . Wholesale Jerseys Online   Wholesale Jerseys China   Cheap Jerseys Wholesale   Cheap NHL Jerseys China   Wholesale Soccer Shirts   Wholesale Hoodies   Wholesale Hats   Wholesale MLB Jerseys   Wholesale Soccer Hoodies   Wholesale NFL Hoodies 

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