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Kayıt Tarihi: 14-Mayıs-2019
Gönderilenler: 381
Gönderen: 28-Kasım-2019 Saat 04:22 | Kayıtlı IP Alıntı chunshu00

For millennia Wholesale Nike Shoes Online , we have been taught to both fear and to grieve death. Throughout time immemorial, we have been taught that, once we die that there is no turning back and that there is no return to those we love the most. In fact, so instilled is this practice that, from the moment we are born, we are taught that we are already dying and that, it is only a matter of time before the grim reaper will catch up with us to finally sweep us off to lands unknown. Then, as according to our belief structure, something above us will decide whether we have been good or bad in life, which will then determine our final afterlife destiny ? a destiny that will last for all eternity.

It is because of this common and instilled principle that all kinds of religious belief systems have emerged from which; whole societies have been built around it to then bring us Wholesale Nike Shoes Free Shipping , this day, our idea of ?normality?. Thus, throughout the world, it has become ?normal? to grieve the dead ? to miss them and to, somehow, struggle on without those we miss the most. Above all, we have been taught a terrible thing indeed in that, once those we love the most have died then, we shall never see them ever again.

Not True!

I am here to attest, with *absolute certainty* that Wholesale Nike Shoes China , through my own researches that have spanned over 25 years concerning matters of life after death that, this is not at all true. I have found that, no matter how hard we could try yet, in truth, we could not be more wrong. What is more is that, through this research, this ?belief? that has been instilled within us for so very long, is not only wrong but is a blight on our society that simply must be removed outright as soon as is humanly possible. I say this because, through personal experience, I have found that Wholesale Womens Nike Shoes , far from ?getting over it?, so many people grieve not just at the moment of their loved one's passing but that so often, this grieving is something that many never overcome at all. Instead of overcoming it, those so aggrieved often become so damaged so badly and so deeply that their own lives stop and that, from that day, their only thought is to join those they miss so much. They cease to 'live?, they cease to remain a part of our society and, whatever dreams or aspirations they may have held prior to this enormous event, also die along with them. And, when dreams die Wholesale Mens Nike Shoes , this brings with it a reason *not* to live at all and is replaced by a deep inner wish to die themselves. When they do finally grant their own wish to follow on after the passing of their loved ones, without realising it, they too have begun another's slow death, another's dream to die and another's will to live to die with it. And so another cycle begins.

For others, even though they too want the same thing yet, somehow, they find the strength to go on and even maybe remarry one day too. But, ask them. Ask them if they have ever gotten over the death of the original one and they will all tell you that they never have but that instead, have found a way to 'live with it?. Throughout all my research, I have yet to find even one person who can honestly say with full confidence that they don't regret the death of their close one. At best Wholesale Nike Shoes , they smile but, behind their eyes, the sadness of that passing is still there. In short, grief never leaves any of us. We simply replace it with something else.

Religion doesn't help us either. Although for so many of us, religion does have a kind of answer and a kind of respite on the road towards acceptance yet, if we are to be completely honest with ourselves, religion doesn't bring us the answers that we need so much as more questions to ponder. Usually and, for the most part, such questions are never answered but are often left in the laps of Gods ? a place, so we are informed Cheap Nike Shoes Online , 'mere mortals? can never comprehend. We are informed that ?SHe is with God now and so, does not belong to us anymore?. We should let go, let them 'rest? and be at peace. As much as we try to understand and accept this yet, in being honest again, such advice, though easy to accept for so many yet, actually 'doing? it is another thing altogether isn't it?

They may very well ?be at rest?. They may very well want peace. But, what about us? Who will mend *our* broken hearts in the meantime? When do WE count?

If we were all Aborigines then, ok, we may find some respite in this for Cheap Nike Shoes Free Shipping , to them, ?Dreamtime? is a most natural occurrence. However, you must know that even the best Aborigine mourn still, the passing of a loved one just the same. It is also the same with the most wizened of Indians too.

There are grief counselling groups who, for the most part that do help us over the immediate sting of the death of a loved one of course but, even then, even with the best counselling, nothing and no one can ever replace those we miss the most.

We all mourn. We all miss. We all grieve.

As it is with life, death makes equals of us all.

Grief then, is never overcome. At best Cheap Nike Shoes China , it is disguised or overlaid with something else. And yet, if we but scratch at the surface of this something else we will find that it is still there, still hurting, still scarring. Although, in and through itself, it may very well lead to something of a positive nature in that, from time to time, it may even lead to something that would not have been found had it not been for that death. But even then, if we ask those very few who have found this path that, if they could replace this positive answer with the one they miss the most Cheap Womens Nike Shoes , my bet is that they would do it immediately without a second thought.

Give people a choice between acidic grief and an assurance that their loved one has not ?gone? at all but is merely in the next room, I am positive that they would relinquish this pain in a second. In knowing this about us all, I have to ask you, why then, do we continually fight, argue and debate the ?possibility? of life after death and it's sure existence? . Cheap Jerseys China   Cheap Jerseys Online   Cheap NCAA Jerseys   Cheap MLB Jerseys China   Cheap NFL Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys From China   Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping   Cheap Football Jerseys   Cheap Basketball Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shiping 

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