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Kayıt Tarihi: 14-Haziran-2018
Gönderilenler: 65
Gönderen: 20-Temmuz-2019 Saat 04:55 | Kayıtlı IP Alıntı ylq123

The sky after the rain is blue, and the air is mixed with
the fragrance of the earth. The little afterglow of the
setting sun is scattered on the roof, treetops, and green
lotus leaves, giving the world a quiet feeling. Every
evening, I walked alone on the quiet viaduct, and the
breeze, how to be "cool". Standing on the bridge, quietly
looking at the sky and the distance. The empty clouds are
changing every moment of the day, really want to turn into
a cloud and move with the wind. The ethereal body and the
blue sky complement each other. There is no boundary, no
bondage, no embarrassment, and they are so harmonious and
harmonious. Everything in the world is changing. Some are
changed for others. Some are forced to change by current
events. Some are changed from one quantity to another
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, and some are changed from quantitative to
qualitative. Clouds change for the blue sky all the time.
It seems to be dancing to the vast sky, for fear of being
blown into the cold palace, so it has to change its posture
in order to attract attention to the birds flying under the
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Swallow. The skylarks flew, and the free figure smashed the
self-righteous human beings in this world, because we were
busy with the livelihood and were busy with the vinegar
tea. Freedom belongs to those short-lived creatures, which
is one of the reasons why human life is growing. Therefore,
the world is ultimately fair
, although many times it is unfair, but the big
direction will never change. It��s like finding a dead
fish in the sea. We can��t think that all the fish are
dead. It��s all about the human taboo. If you want to
solve the problem horizontally and look at the whole
situation, you can��t see Taishan. Haiyan is spiritual.
It is so lively, warm, unrestrained, free, angry, and angry
like a warrior in Gorky's pen. It is also like a baby.
Although I don't have the talents of Gorky's predecessors,
and I don't have the freedom of Haiyan, I want to use my
pen to outline the new blueprint for his life, instead of
letting it be buried. Stopping in meditation, Haiyan
volleyed and slammed the water droplets on his body. The
wings were extraordinarily bright against the backdrop of
the setting sun
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. The golden statue was like a god bird flying
from the far side. The screams broke the quiet evening, and
the pedestrians and vehicles coming home from work slowed
down, seemingly waiting for something, realizing what, and
willingly became their audience. Sometimes they rushed to
the clouds, and sometimes fell to the lake. They seemed to
be struggling with what they were fighting against, perhaps
screaming at the world, like a slap in the face. Originally
it was the overlord on the sea and the air, but now it has
come to a city with a turbid air. How can it calm down in
the heart, how can emotions not be excited
, so all its actions become inevitable.
However, behind all the injustice is helplessness, it is
helpless to the world, they do not know what is "the one
that comes from the peace of mind", they only know that it
is important to live, others will become worthless clouds
every day. In my spare time, it is a happy thing to observe
the world through the grass, the pedestrians, the ever-
changing vehicles, the ever-changing clouds, and the deep
mysterious stars. . The breeze struck over the ear,
accompanied by the sound of the Dangdang construction not
far away, breaking the lonely and unmanned atmosphere, but
bringing people to the real world. The industrious and
kind-hearted workers, sweating under the glare of the sun,
are living their own livelihoods, and the prosperity of
this society. They did everything they could for this
society, but they got the incomprehensibility of others.
Remember the workers who were despised on the bus. People
dressed in clean clothes with contemptuous eyes, like a
cold The knife was inserted into the atrium of the workers
who were silently dedicated. Without the workers who are
reinforced with steel and concrete every day, without the
hard-working farmers, what this society will become, it is
hard to imagine. So, please don't ignore the little people
who are silently contributing to this society, because
there is no such big person to live. Society is like a
complicated machine. Everyone is a small screw in society.
It is just as important to be in any position and what kind
of parts are connected. Without the base of the pyramid,
the top does not exist anymore
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