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You might have seen it happen. You're at a wedding and the couple is up in front Zach Ertz Eagles Jersey , perhaps listening to the priest, minister, or justice speaking on the sanctity of marriage and leading up to the part where they say their vows. Just at that moment, either the bride or the groom begins to sway, and before anyone has time to react they are on the floor. Of course Zach Ertz Kids Jersey , craziness ensues, with the other party immediately saying (perhaps yelling) the unconscious person's name while the wedding party mills about and someone yells for water.

Having the bride or groom pass out during the wedding is actually not that uncommon an occurrence, and you might be surprised to discover it is the groom more often than the bride that succumbs to gravity's pull. A combination of heat, nerves, and warm clothes are often to blame Zach Ertz Youth Jersey , but there is another common culprit: the person who passed out hadn't eaten all day!

Why would someone forget to eat? Many people do not realize, or perhaps forget how crowded the days leading up to the wedding are for the bride and groom. There are lots of last minute preparations that need to be taken care of, with lots of running around to do. In addition, butterflies may cause people to feel like if they eat, they will get sick. This is normal Zach Ertz Womens Jersey , but it is also something that must be addressed in order to prevent a potential disaster.

Holes in the stomach due to holes in the eating schedule! Lots of people don't realize that most of a very busy day can pass without remembering to eat. Many couples will have their rehearsal dinner the day before the wedding, but after that, the couple might not eat for a full 24 hours. Consider that eating after the dinner is unlikely, as the couple is usually already full and besides, who wants to do anything before the big day? The night is for sleeping. And when the big day arrives the next morning Authentic Zach Ertz Jersey , many people feel they are too nervous to eat. The bride will also be extraordinarily busy on the morning of her wedding, and forgetting to eat is extremely easy. With pictures right after the ceremony, it is improbable that either the bride or the groom will have a moment to grab some nourishment until the reception dinner!

Plan ahead. In order to avoid passing out or suffering one of hunger's many other symptoms on your wedding day, make sure that you have a plan so that you don't forget to get something to eat. Grooms are not as busy the morning of the wedding as brides, and a good idea is to take out your groomsmen Zach Ertz Jersey , best man, and your father and father-in-law for breakfast. This can be great guy's time as well.

Brides have a trickier time, because of the lengthy preparations in the busy morning. Still, there should be enough time to grab a muffin and some juice to get you started for the day.

Couples may also want to think about having a fruit tray or meats and cheeses available for them and their bridal party at the reception hall. Try to avoid anything that is juicy or may leave any kind of stains on the wedding apparel for the pictures, and bring a toothbrush as well!

Having butterflies in the days approaching your wedding is natural, but don't let them trick you into not eating. The wedding day is very tiring in more ways than one, and the both of you will need al the fuel you can get to keep the day going and keep it special. Take some time out and make sure to eat!

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Alex consults for a gift shop offering cheap wedding favors and gifts for her. Alex is recently married.

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