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Kayıt Tarihi: 08-Haziran-2015
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Gönderen: 08-Ocak-2019 Saat 12:08 | Kayıtlı IP Alıntı Yunxiaocuo

EDS: Please refer to Xinhua's Photographic News Department forfigures and graphics in the report.

BEIJING Jan Oblak Atletico Madrid Jersey , March 18 (Xinhua) -- Following is the full text of theReport on the Implementation of the 2015 Plan for National Economicand Social Development and on the 2016 Draft Plan for NationalEconomic and Social Development, which was submitted on March 5,2016 for review at the Fourth Session of the 12th National People'sCongress and was adopted on March 16.


Delivered at the Fourth Session of the Twelfth National People'sCongress on March 5, 2016

National Development and Reform Commission

Fellow Deputies,

The National Development and Reform Commission has beenentrusted by the State Council to submit this report on theimplementation of the 2015 plan and on the 2016 draft plan fornational economic and social development to the Fourth Session ofthe Twelfth National People' s Congress (NPC) for your deliberationand also for comments from the members of the National Committee ofthe Chinese People' s Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC).

I. Implementation of the 2015 Plan for National Economic andSocial Development

Last year Angel Correa Atletico Madrid Jersey , China faced a complex international economicenvironment, mounting downward pressure on its economy, and amarked increase in the number of risks and challenges; despitethis, we ensured that the overall implementation of the 2015 Planfor National Economic and Social Development was successful. Thiswas as a result of the efforts of all regions and departmentswhich, under the correct leadership of the Central Committee of theCommunist Party of China (CPC) and the State Council Nikola Kalinic Atletico Madrid Jersey , followed thegeneral principle of making progress while keeping performancestable, worked to adapt to the new normal in economic development,earnestly implemented the 2015 plan approved at the Third Sessionof the Twelfth NPC, acted in line with the review of the plan bythe NPC' s Financial and Economic Affairs Committee, and workedsteadfastly to achieve good results in all respects. Overall Saul Atletico Madrid Jersey , wemanaged to sustain steady economic development while also ensuringprogress and improvement. Major targets and tasks set forth for2015 were accomplished, marking a successful conclusion to the 12thFive-Year Plan, and helping China's development move to the nextlevel.

1. We continued to improve our macroeconomic policy andmaintained a medium-high rate of growth. We developed new ideas andmethods for macro regulation, and on the basis of range-basedregulation, we strengthened both targeted and well-timedregulation. Domestic demand became a stronger economic driver Koke Atletico Madrid Jersey , andthe international market share of China's exports continued toincrease. China's gross domestic product (GDP) reached 67.67trillion yuan, an increase of 6.9%, meaning the target set at thebeginning of the year has been achieved.

1) Investment played the key role in driving economic growth.Strengthening points of weakness and adjusting the economicstructure were our primary focus when increasing the level ofeffective investment. To utilize the construction of major projectsto stimulate investment growth, we improved the structure ofinvestment from the central government budget, established andearmarked capital for special development funds Thomas Partey Atletico Madrid Jersey , and adopted a widerange of measures to encourage and attract nongovernmentalinvestment. As a result, considerable progress was achieved in theconstruction of major projects in 11 categories. Total fixed-assetinvestment for the year rose by 9.8%, of which 64.2% came fromnongovernmental sources (excluding rural households).

2) Consumption potential was further exploited. Steady progresswas achieved in six major projects aimed at stimulatingconsumption, and the three trillion yuan investment in these sixprojects contributed to consumption worth 2.8 trillion yuan.Tourism, online shopping Santiago Arias Atletico Madrid Jersey , new-energy vehicles, and other new growthareas in consumer spending continued to grow, and total retailsales of consumer goods for the year rose by 10.7%.

Box 1: 11 Categories of Major Projects for Investment

Box 2: Six Major Projects to Stimulate Consumption

3) The economic structure was further improved. In terms of thecontribution to economic growth, consumption far outweighedinvestment, making a 66.4% contribution Filipe Luis Atletico Madrid Jersey , while the tertiaryindustry accounted for far more than the secondary industry. Thevalue-added of the tertiary industry accounted for over half of GDPfor the first time, reaching 50.5%. Development between urban andrural areas and between regions became more balanced andcoordinated. The New Urbanization saw positive progress, withpermanent urban residents now accounting for 56.1% of thepopulation.

4) The overall employment situation remained stable. Newmeasures to increase employment and business start-ups wereintroduced, and entrepreneurship and innovation began to make abigger contribution to increasing employment. An additional 13.12million urban jobs were created throughout the year. The registeredurban unemployment rate stood at 4.05% at the end of 2015.

5) Overall prices rose moderately. The consumer price index(CPI) rose by 1.4%. We intensified oversight in relation to pricesand charges and increased law enforcement to combat monopolisticpricing. In total, we investigated and dealt with 34 Diego Godin Atletico Madrid Jersey ,200 cases ofpricing violations and imposed economic penalties totaling 10.477billion yuan in accordance with the law. Our work in this area alsohelped reduce the burden on enterprises by about 8.9 billionyuan.

2. We deepened reform and opening up and stimulated marketvitality and social creativity. We continued to streamlineadministration, delegate more powers, improving regulation, andprovide better services. Progress was made in reforms in key areas,and the building of

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