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Kayıt Tarihi: 14-Haziran-2018
Gönderilenler: 26
Gönderen: 09-Temmuz-2018 Saat 06:52 | Kayıtlı IP Alıntı ylq123

This class is another seemingly ordinary sand sculpture
class Marlboro Gold
, but I never imagined that the work I completed
in this class exceeded my imagination and became a
springboard on the road of my sand sculpture learning.
Leading othersly, do you know?" The teacher emphasized
before he announced the beginning of his work. "Know it!"
we shouted. "That's a good start." I step by step to the
drawing that belongs to my personal creation, Zhang's
drawing on the creation table. "Ah--" I can't help but take
a cold sweat, thinking: This one is the most difficult
first prize in the sand sculpture festival of the last sand
sculpture team in Nansha
Marlboro Red 100S. I
only learned sand sculpture for two months. How to complete
the task assigned by the teacher? When I was tangled, the
teacher said to me through the window: "Come on, son and
son, you must finish this sand sculpture today, I believe
in you." The teacher��s words are inevitable, I have to
come up with tools. I started to the sand
sculpture team, the school provides a lot of professional
sand sculpture tools, the so-called "workers want to do
their best, they must first sharpen their tools." I carried
the sandbox on the ground to my creation table, used a
military mini shovel, and shoveled the soil into the
sandbox. Every time I shovel ten soils
Newport Cigarettes, I
used the big trowel to make the soil sturdy, leaving no
trace. Gap. Then use a watering can to spray water into the
sand, moisten the sand
Marlboro Cigarettes
, then spread the sand in the sandbox and lay a
thin layer - the only way to make the sand pile strong.
After a while, the sand pile was full of sandboxes. I took
a small jug from the side and poured water on the sand. A
drop of crystal water dripped from the jug through the fine
sand layer. Blended with sand piles. were rooted in the
sandbox made of wood, which made me feel helpless. I tried
to move the rest of the sand sculpture team together, but
it was still unsuccessful. So I came up with a way to cut
the edge of the sand and sandbox with the water of the
"Shen Xiaoyi" high-pressure watering can. I tried a few
times, and it worked quite well. I solved this problem in
three, five, and two places. I put the sandbox on the side
and looked at the sand pile in front of me: the surface is
smooth and flat, the shape is intact, but under the sun. It
looks a bit dry. I took a brush, dipped some water, and
applied it to the surface of the sand so that the sand
would not crack.hts the storm. The hardest part of the work
is the detailed texture of the sailboat and the fearless
facial expression of the sailor. My heart I think: Although
the difficulty coefficient of this work is relatively
large, it is not impossible to sculpt. So I made up my
until the last sand fell, and the outline of the work was
clearly defined. There was no mistake and it was more
successful. Next, I have to carefully depict the surging
scene of the waves below. I use the oil-painted scraper as
a pen, like a brush-like word, a fold, a hook, a vertical,
a horizontal... The shape of the waves is dripping
delicately. A piece of light-transparent sand is vented
like my inspiration. Then I used a small knife to gently
smear a small texture of the sailboat. The sailboat was
inlaid with a gold wire under my depiction and the sun. At
the end of the time I was carving the characters
Newport Cigarettes
, I used a needle that was thinner than the
hair, and then bent, and the eyes of the character were
easily fixed by me. I continued to use this method to
sculpt, and finally I carved the characters. I blew a sigh
of relief to the sand sculptures, and the tiny sand
sculpture granules disappeared.
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