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Konu Konu: Salomon speedcross 4 had a noticeable imp Yanıt YazYeni Konu Gönder
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Kayıt Tarihi: 12-Ocak-2018
Ülke: Fransa
Gönderilenler: 3
Gönderen: 12-Ocak-2018 Saat 10:05 | Kayıtlı IP Alıntı Thrervoich

I have had the previous model of the
salomon speedcross 4
, the Speedcross 3, as well as other Salomon
shoes in the past. The Speedcross is, from my own
observations, the most popular model of Salomon shoe, at
fell races anyway! These were one of the first shoes I
noticed as they seemed so widely used by the running
community, both for trail & fell, so surely a shoe that is
well trusted throughout the sport.

One of the aspects of the new
zapatillas salomon
mujer outlet
is the colour range that they are
available in. If they weren't a noticeable shoe before,
they definitely are now! As I mentioned earlier, a handful
of us had been selected to trial the shoe and Twitter was
awash with other users sharing their pictures of the shoes!
Blue, yellow & green seemed to be the prominent colours, I
myself had been given the green. Great colour choice as I
could really Colour and have some fun on the fells with the
green ones.

The zapatillas salomon
had a noticeable improvement, even before
actually running in them. As any fell runner would, the
first thing you check on a shoe is the lugs! Salomon have
upped their game here with one very important aspect.
Previous models had some lugs that were 1/3 or 1/2 of a
full lug as they were on the outer edges of the sole but
this time they have made sure that each lug is a complete
one, providing much better grip and all round general
traction improvement.

I made sure that I tested them on basically all surfaces to
be honest. Both for my own benefit and to provide
zapatillas salomon
hombre baratas
with an all round method of feedback.
I know they are built as a trail/fell shoe but I don't
think I have ever done a fell race that has one uniform
terrain for the whole race, they will always have at least
some part rock/trail/path/grass/mud thrown in the mix and
depending on the conditions on race day, these could be wet
or there's plenty of options to consider, probably
why a lot of runners struggle with shoe choice these days!

As with all the
zapatillas salomon
outlet españa
, the distinct arrow shaped lugs are
recognisable to the trained eye of a keen trail/fell runner
in the mud. This is something that doesn't need adapting
and with the little tweak in terms of full lugs now making
their way on to the sole, the grip is great and now a lot
more durable than before due to the even spread of the

Lucille T Wong
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