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Kayıt Tarihi: 24-Aralık-2014
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Gönderen: 23-Mart-2015 Saat 04:30 | Kayıtlı IP Alıntı yuguhun

DUNEDIN, Florida ¨C The Blue Jays dropped to 3-2 in
Grapefruit League action following an 8-2 loss to the
Yankees at Florida Auto Exchange Stadium on Sunday.
air-max-90-uomo.html">Nike Air Max 90 Uomo . Right-
hander Todd Redmond took the loss. Jose Bautista hit his
second home run of the spring. Here are a handful of
tidbits from around camp: Hutchison impressive The Blue
Jays are being cautious when talking about their young
arms but internally, excitement is building over the way
Drew Hutchison is looking and performing this spring.
Hutchison is among those looking to secure an available
spot in the starting rotation. According to the official
radar gun at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, Drew
Hutchisons four-seam fastball topped out at 94 miles per
hour during Saturdays start against the Orioles. The Blue
Jays have different, even more encouraging information.
Scouts had readings as high as 96 miles per hour.
Hutchison, as is his custom when hes on his game, was
locating his pitches and working the corners of the
plate. Hutchison threw two innings, didnt allow a run,
gave up one hit and struck out four. He threw 38 pitches,
25 for strikes. Anthopoulos looking to deal The Blue Jays
have an abundance of bullpen arms and general manager
Alex Anthopoulos continues to dangle some of that
pitching depth in an effort to upgrade the ballclub.
Toronto is looking for starting pitching help, which may
be found internally (see above on Hutchison,) and an
established right-handed bat off the bench. Sergio
Santos, who was almost traded during the offseason, is a
name that continues to come up in discussions. Seitzer
thrilled with early returns New hitting coach Kevin
Seitzer isnt just encouraged by the Blue Jays offensive
start to spring training, hes thrilled. "I get goosebumps
right now thinking about it," said Seitzer. "Getting
timing in games is very, very difficult for hitters to
do, especially early in camp. The quality of at-bats, the
takes, the lack of panic, the plan, the approach, I
couldnt be more pleased. They have been professionals
every single day in their early work, batting practice
routines. I havent heard one person complain about
anything at all from an offensive standpoint." While
Brett Lawrie has missed the last two games due to
hamstring tightness, hes impressed Seitzer early with his
gap-to-gap approach. The two continue to work on limiting
Lawries movement in the batters box, including lessening
Lawries hand waggle. "Were eating this elephant one bite
at a time and my focus is opening day to where hes
dialing in," said Seitzer. "But where he continues to try
and do it, quieting down, keep those hands still when hes
loading, hes getting results. He took 96 mph the other
way the other day on that lefty who had a good fastball
and it was middle in. He didnt panic, he didnt force it,
he didnt jerk, all he did was stay short and stay inside
and he smoked a ball past first. The opposite field
doubles hes hit driving the ball the other way, he told
me right out of the gate that was his focus the last
month and a half when he started to have some success."
By the time he first met the media in January, during the
winter caravan, second baseman Ryan Goins had taken
Seitzer up on an open invitation to visit his home in
Kansas City. It was an opportunity for the two to become
acquainted and lay a foundation for the work theyre doing
this spring. Seitzer believes Goins could be a .270 or
.280 hitter in the big leagues, suggesting he has the
mental acumen to develop into a .300 hitter. "I dont like
dropping ceilings on guys because you just never know,"
said Seitzer. "You never know how hes going to be able to
handle big-league pitching on a daily basis and be able
to make the adjustments that he needs to make. But so
far, everything Ive seen has been very good, very
positive, that hes going to be able to make those
adjustments that he needs to make. But that remains to be
seen, theres been a lot of hitters that Ive worked with
that are really good in the cage, in batting practice but
then putting it into the game is the last big challenge.
But I think mentally and emotionally, hes tough enough to
have the discipline to be able to do that everyday."
Janssen sore Casey Janssen is dealing with stiffness in
his pitching shoulder, which has prevented him from
maintaining a normal spring schedule, including regular
bullpen sessions and appearances in Grapefruit League
games. "I think its just the inflammation," said Janssen.
"Its going to subside. Just take a couple of days off and
get right back on and start throwing again." Janssen
underwent an MRI, which revealed inflammation in the back
of his shoulder, where the decelerator muscles are
located. Last spring and for most of last season, Janssen
was hampered by soreness in his rotator cuff, the result
of surgery he had in the 2012-2013 offseason. "It always
sucks but I think I know how to get ready," he said. "I
was looking forward to a normal spring, coming with all
the guys and thats what I was expecting but
unfortunately, I havent been in a game yet and all the
other stuff but Ill get there. Eyes are on opening day
like they always were." Janssen wont pick up a baseball
for at least two more days. Hell attempt to play long
toss and if his shoulder reacts positively, hell progress
to bullpen sessions and then work his way into games.
Rasmus Scratched Colby Rasmus was in manager John Gibbons
Sunday lineup but removed himself due to a stiff neck. "I
just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning,"
said Rasmus. "Got a little crink in my neck. Just one of
those things, after throwing and warming up, I just feel
like I need to take myself out just as a precaution. In a
couple of days, I should be fine." Clubs typically travel
skeleton rosters to far away places and so its likely
Rasmus wasnt going to play on Monday in Fort Myers,
against the Twins, anyway. He hopes to return on Tuesday.
"Normally you throw some hot sauce on there and go about
your business," said Rasmus. "It just kind of locked up a
little tighter." Yankees almost smoked out The Yankees
briefly considered evacuating the visitors clubhouse
before Sundays game at Florida Auto Exchange Stadium when
smoke from an over-heated dryer began to waft into the
locker room. The matter was quickly brought under
control. Perez and Ohka reassigned Left-hander Juan Perez
and right-hander Tomo Ohka, whos making a comeback
attempt as a knuckleball pitcher, have been reassigned to
minor league camp. The Blue Jays now have 58 players
remaining in major league camp.
run.html">Nike Free Run Saldi . When you think teams
you imagine a group of people who all shop at the same
jersey store and move together in a large pack with a
common goal, which is usually scoring goals. But at these
Olympic Games the idea of becoming a team in figure
skating makes perfect sense because of a new event
called, shockingly, the Team Event.
90.html">Nike Air Max 90 Prezzo . - The Washington
Wizards are in a great position to make the playoffs for
the first time in six years, and John Wall has a lot to
do with it.TORONTO - With just over seven seconds left on
the clock and Fridays game hanging in the balance, a
sellout Air Canada Centre crowd rose to their feet,
holding their breath in anticipation. Theyve been holding
their breath for six years now, but finally they can
exhale. As Celtics forward Jared Sullinger forced up a
wild, off-balance runner, the building erupted. It was
official. The Raptors are heading back to the post-
season. "We made it," shouted Amir Johnson repeatedly as
the media filtered into Torontos locker room. "Its a
satisfying, kind of overwhelming feeling," he described,
following his teams 105-103 victory over Boston,
officially snapping the Raptor five-year playoff drought.
"Its been six years since this team, this organization
made it to the playoffs. This team has worked so hard. We
deserved it. Weve been playing our butts off, playing
through injuries. Weve had our ups and downs." "Weve
made it." Not lost on the team was the fact that they
stole a game, their 41st victory of the season, that
probably shouldnt have come down to the final possession.
Down by four with under three minutes to play, it looked
like the Raptors would have to hope for a New York Knicks
loss later in the evening or wait until Sunday to punch
their ticket to the playoffs. Theyve been resilient all
year, so why wouldnt they be now? First DeMar DeRozan
drained a fadeaway jumper, then Johnson hit the game-
winning put-back layup. "It was fitting," Dwane Casey
said. DeRozan and Johnson, the teams longest tenured
players, were responsible for Torontos final four points.
For them, this moment was a little sweeter. "It means a
lot, honestly, man," said DeRozan, the Raptors fifth-year
guard, who will make his post-season debut next month.
"Especially for me and Amir and what weve been through
here with the tough seasons, through the ups and downs
and the struggles. We stuck with it." The only player in
the building that could give a firsthand account of the
Raptors last playoff experience - a five-game, first
round defeat at the hands of the Orlando Magic in 2007-08
- was Celtics forward Kris Humphries. Only four other
players from that team are currently on an NBA roster,
but DeRozan and Johnson ¨C who arrived the year after ¨C
have both been in Toronto long enough to appreciate what
a night like this means to the franchise, the city and
the Raptors long-suffering fan base. "It was all worth
it," said DeRozan. "These fans stuck behind us every
single day and theyre going to continue to do so. Thats
the reason why we work extremely hard. Our fans
definitely push us." Of course, it was just a formality.
It was inevitable, only a matter of time. Toronto wasnt
going to go winless in its remaining games, just like the
Knicks were not going to run the table the rest of the
way. Still, they have refused to count their chickens
before they hatched and for that you can credit the
humility and focus of their head coach. Moments after the
win, a loud chorus of applause could be heard from
outside the teams locker room. Finally, they could
celebrate, albeit behind closed doors. Even Casey, who
wouldnt pat himself on the back and likely never will,
found a way to indulge in what the evening represented.
"Were excited about it," he admitted. "My hat is off to
all the guys whove come through here," said Casey,
crediting MLSE chairman Larry Tanenbaum as well as former
general manager Bryan Colangelo for their contributions
to the process. "To DeMar DeRozan [and] Amir Johnson, who
have been through it all and for the fans, the fans for
understanding and being patient. I know they didnt see
the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but its a
process. You dont build Rome overnight in this league. Is
very difficult to do. You talk about rebuilding, its a
hard gig." The Raptors have surpassed every rationaal
expectation, going 35-19 since the trade of Rudy Gay in
early December. balance-574/new-balance-574-uomo.html">New Balance 574
. Its been a season of firsts for a franchise
on the cusp of its 20th birthday, a franchise many
pundits wrote off for dead after selling off its highest-
paid player. "Everybody who writes something on a piece
of paper isnt always right, thats how I look at it," said
DeRozan, the first-time All-Star. Hes right. He and his
team have proven a lot of people wrong. As the Celtics
made their run, cutting their deficit - once 14 - down
and ultimately taking the lead, DeRozan came through yet
again. With Kyle Lowry slowed by an ankle injury he
sustained in the first half, DeRozan picked him up and
scored 24 of his game-high 30 points in the final 24
minutes. 16 of his 27 career 30-point games have come
this season. With 10 games remaining and their spot in
the pos-tseason locked up, the team can shift its
attention to seeding but most importantly, going into the
playoffs healthy and with momentum. "We cant be
satisfied," Casey repeated, with his team moving into
soul possession of the third seed following the Chicago
Bulls loss to the Portland Trail Blazers on Friday. "We
still want to continue on and weve still got to get
better." Lowrys injury scare With three minutes to go in
the second quarter, Lowry limped to the locker room after
turning his right ankle while back-pedaling to get back
on defence. After being examined by the medical staff,
the Raptor point guard and most important player was able
to return, starting the second half with his ankle taped
up. As per usual, Lowry shrugged off whatever pain he was
in after the win. "Im a little sore, but Im fine," he
said after scoring nine points in 33 minutes. "Im okay.
Good to go." Revenge of the second unit Naturally, Casey
was frustrated with his under-performing bench after they
were outscored 51-7 in Boston on Wednesday. "I challenged
them before the game," said the Raptors coach. "I got on
them about their productivity or lack thereof in the
Boston game. I challenged them. I said, Look, guys want
playing time, when the opportunity comes, youve got to do
something, whether its defence, knocking somebody down,
taking a charge, whatever. And they came through."
Greivis Vasquez, who scored all seven of the benchs
points on Wednesday, led the teams reserves with 15, but
Chuck Hayes and John Salmons were also productive on both
ends of the floor. Combined, the three former Kings -
along with Tyler Hansbrough, who logged five minutes -
totalled 28 points on the night. Patterson nearing a
return Although he missed his 12th straight game, Patrick
Patterson has been making progress and appears to be on
the verge of returning from his right elbow injury.
Although the Raptors havent had much practice time to get
Patterson back up to speed - a concern Casey expressed
before Fridays game - the Raptors forward has been able
to participate in smaller, three-on-three scrimmages
since being cleared for contact earlier this week. "[His]
conditioning is probably going to be step behind a little
bit," Casey acknowledged. "Its not going to be where he
was before stepping away, so thats going to be expected.
Thats why now we need to kind of get him back in rhythm
and with the lack of practice time its going to have to
be in a game situation." Patterson could be back in
uniform this weekend in Florida, as the Raptors begin a
back-to-back set with the Magic on Sunday before visiting
the Heat Monday evening. The stat With their 41st win of
the season, the Raptors secured a .500 record for the
sixth time in franchise history and first since 2007-08,
the last year they qualified for the playoffs. The quote
"My grandmother called," Johnson told the media after his
team clinched a spot in the playoffs. "She said that she
was proud." cheap

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